Roles Responsibilites

Parents’ Committee

The Parents’ Committee is carrying out its role to the fullest when it is involved in various training and information activities for parents.

We are responsible for:Roles-Responsibilites
• Promoting the parents’ participation in the activities of the school board;
• Designating parents to participate in various school board committees;
• Giving advice on any subject conducive to the most efficient operation of the school board;
• Informing the school board of the needs of the parents;
• Responding to the required school board consultations on matters stipulated in Section 193 of the Education Act and any other consultation that the school board may submit;
• Promoting effective communication between the parents’ representatives at all levels (Governing Boards, Parent Participation Organizations, Home and School, EPCA, RCP-3L);
• Acting as a resource to parents within the region when there is information to be disseminated or when there is a need to resolve issues of concern;
• Identifying student achievement and well-being as the main priority;
• Offering advice, provide information and develop strategies and initiatives that help the Board with parent engagement.

In accordance with Section 191 of the Education Act, the Parents’ Committees must elect a Chairperson as well as delegates to the Parents’ Committee at the beginning of each year. SWLSB Parents’ Committee is composed of delegates from each school and a delegate from the Special Education Advisory Committee.

Member Responsibilities

Members of the SWLSB Parents’ Committee must:
• Be informed on educational matters;
• Prepare for meetings;
• Attend meetings regularly;
• Inform the Chairperson of their absence from a regular meeting;
• Inform the Chairperson if they are unable to fulfill their responsibilities;
• Represent their school community and Governing Board, as the case may be, and present any recommendations or adopted resolutions.


The Education Act stipulates that a substitute may be appointed for each member of the Parents’ Committee. Substitutes are permitted to serve and vote in place of the representative when the latter cannot attend a meeting of the Parents’ Committee. The substitute is chosen by election, by the same methods as the representative (Education Act, s. 47 and 189).

Alternates are welcome at Parents’ Committee meetings and are asked to stay informed on issues of discussion. However, only one representative from each school may vote and sit at the PC table throughout a meeting.



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