Executive Positions

The Chairperson is elected each year for one term. In addition to attendance at all committee meetings, the Chairperson is responsible for:
• Setting all meeting agendas and sourcing speakers;
• Preparing the meetings and leading debates;
• Following up on decisions and acting as spokesperson for the Parents’ Committee;
• Ensuring a positive flow and tone to each meeting, including order in speaking and addressing the Committee;
• Having a good understanding of the issues and of the positions of the Parents’ Committee;
• Preparing an annual budget with the Vice-Chair and the Treasurer;
• Addressing issues with parents as required.

The Chairperson is elected each year for one term. In addition to attendance at all committee meetings, the Vice-Chairperson is responsible for the same tasks outlined for the Chairperson when he or she is unable to fulfil their responsibilities. The Vice-Chairperson and Chairperson should work in collaboration, as they often share responsibilities and must work together.

The Secretary is responsible to attend each meeting as well as:
• Placing a copy of the agenda and meeting minutes in the Parents’ Committee binder with the Recording Secretary
• Helps with forms and documents requested by the Chairperson as well as distribution of any documentation to members.

Recording Secretary
Different from the Secretary, the Recording Secretary is paid for his or her services at meeting (an amount determined by motion and voting usually at the first Parents’ Committee meeting).

The recording secretary is responsible for recording and transcribing minutes and making copies for the committee. In addition the recording secretary sends out a reminder notice (email) to all committee members of next meeting which usually includes the agenda and minutes of the previous meeting.

The role of the Treasurer of the Parents’ Committee is to:
Record all financial transactions including member expense reports and all spending;
Manage and maintain record of income and expenditure;
Give monthly reports on the Committee on finances;
Ensure that the committee has the necessary information to understand the Committee’s financial needs;
Advise on how the resources can best be used to fulfil the projects of the Committee;
Liaise with the school board finance department on behalf of the Parent Association;
Present a full account of the year’s financial report at the first Parent Committee meeting;
Ensure that at the end of term of office all relevant documentation is passed on to the incoming Treasurer.

Transportation Advisory
One member of Parents’ Committee is elected to the SWLSB Transportation Advisory Committee. The role of this committee is to:
• Meet the norms established by government regulation;
• To make recommendations to the Council of Commissioners regarding transportation contracts;
• To review board policies and procedures relative to transportation matters;
• To make recommendations to the Council of Commissioners.


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